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Technological development, the rise of online sales, and the transfer of data to the cloud make the protection of a company’s sensitive data one of the key elements of conducting responsible business. Minimising the risk of cyber attacks and their potential impact on a company’s operations is becoming increasingly important. Up-to-date knowledge of threat prevention options and the implementation of scenarios to deal with a potential attack should be part of an organisation’s strategy. By managing your company’s security with the right tools, you strengthen the protection of confidential data.

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Azure Sentinel

Microsoft 365 Defender

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Azure Sentinel - Quick reaction
to cyber threats

Image source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/sentinel/monitor-your-data

Azure Sentinel is a central console that gives security teams insight into possible threats so they can react proactively. Azure Sentinel is integrated with the Mitre ATT&CK attack matrix, making threat analysis significantly easier and faster. Azure Sentinel allows you to connect data sources such as Microsoft 365 Defender, Office 365, Azure Active Directory, Amazon Web Services and more.

Azure Sentinel makes it possible to centrally collect data from the entire infrastructure in the cloud which ensures high availability and scalability of the environment, threat detection and reacting using artificial intelligence and machine learning, and automatic responses to security breach events.

Microsoft 365 Defender

The Defender solutions family is a comprehensive, centralised place for managing the security of the entire IT environment. With Microsoft Defender, you can implement best practices in cyber security and impose a Zero Trust Security approach.

The offer is addressed to all companies and institutions that want to improve their cyber security, and in particular to teams responsible for the technical aspects of the organisation’s security.

It raises the organisation’s awareness of threats, and gives it the tools to increase the level of security, and use artificial intelligence and advanced protection techniques. It also provides the tools to automatically perform actions, to be able to react to threats faster and more effectively.

Defender for Cloud – allows you to run the J.I.T. (Just in Time) option, so you only have access to specific resources for a defined period of time.

Defender for Cloud – allows you to run attack simulations in a secure environment, to observe user reactions to viruses, links, emails and more.

Defender for Cloud Apps – thanks to its integration with Conditional Access, you can monitor and track access to applications in real time and block, download or copy data if necessary.

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