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Making effective decisions based on business analysis requires having competencies covering the entire process of transforming data into information, from databases, through data models, reporting layer, manager cockpits, up to advanced analyses and their operationalisation. We can help you bring the right expertise in these areas into your organisation.
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Power BI Developer

It is an essential function within an organisation, as the person is responsible for creating reports and manager cockpits,

as well as creating a reporting layer for information contained in databases. From the perspective of the user who creates reports, a key aspect will be the ability to properly illustrate a KPI, trend or relationship between data items using the available visualisations, metrics and other elements of the Power BI tool.

Other competency areas, such as database management, data warehouse construction and performing advanced analyses, can be supplied as the organisation’s business analytics develops.

Building of a Power BI Developer’s competencies should be conducted in a gradual, planned manner that guarantees the consolidation of knowledge of new tools and technologies. Due to the different levels of knowledge and experience of the participants, we start from basic training and perform reconnaissance while gradually increasing the complexity of the issues discussed and preparing new work standards with increasing knowledge of how the organisation is structured.
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We start workshops dedicated to Power BI Developer by ensuring that the knowledge of all participants is equal. We then extend that knowledge with more complex examples on a specific topic. Participants do many exercises on their own with an emphasis on understanding the issue from a practical point of view, where possible using their own data.

Microsoft Power BI training - Basic level
During the training we are presenting the tool and conduct exercises focusing on functionalities offered by Microsoft Power BI. During the meeting, we prepare a report created on the test database, which is published on the Power BI reporting portal. Then we move on to advanced exercises on more complicated cases of Business Intelligence analysis. During the training, the trainers share their experiences related to the creation of reports and the culture of work in organizations, where they created a complete reporting concept.

Module 1 Introduction to Power BI

  • Presentation of the product architecture
  • Description of scenarios for using the tool
  • Discussion of the interface

Module 2 Loading data into the model and its automation:

  • discussion of the interface and data loading possibilities
  • Creating a data loading mechanism based on data provided by the client
  • Using the M language

Module 3 Creating a data model

  • Creating a model based on data provided by the client
  • Discussing the interface and modelling

Module 4 Creating reports

  • Creating a report based on data provided by the client
  • Reports – discussion of the interface
  • Filters – use and possibilities
  • Discussion of all basic visualisations (Tips & Tricks)
  • KPIs – building of indicators
  • Discussion of integration between charts
  • Using maps for visualisation (e.g. Esri maps, creating your own maps and visualising them)
  • Creating What-if analyses
  • Publishing reports
  • Custom visuals – adding additional visualisations, examples of the most frequently used ones
  • Bookmarks – usage scenarios

Module 5 Discussion of Power BI Web elements

  • Dashboard – discussion of how it works and how to create it, option of alerts and additional components
  • Reports – design, operation and additional functions
  • Data sources – automatic refreshing of data

Module 6 Power BI Mobile

  • How to build a mobile report
  • Desktop vs. mobile reports
  • Best practices in building these reports
  • Configuration and demonstrating how the tool works

Module 7 Advanced functions

  • Using parameters
  • Uses of the DAX language (advanced)
  • DAX vs. M

Module 8 How to build a professional manager dashboard

  • Building dashboards – layout, choice of visuals, graphic design
  • Linking content of reports and dashboards
  • How to present content to the board / management
Microsoft Power BI training - Advanced level
As a continuation of the basic training, we start advanced part expanding the level of knowledge of participants to more complex examples on a specific topic. It is a continuation of the basic training, where we will discuss more advanced functionalities of the tool, which we will select together with the Ordering Party after the basic training. Participants will do more exercises on their own with an emphasis on understanding the issue from the practical side. During the advanced training, a program related to the transfer of knowledge related to the implementation of governance in the reporting environment (Data Governance) and related to the further development of the analytical environment may also be implemented.
Microsoft Power BI training - Work on a Business Case
Otherwise known as post-training expert support, it is the next step of knowledge transfer that can start after the basic training. At this stage, we work together on a specific example from the organization. Together with participants, we relate the knowledge that we passed on to participants during basic and advanced training to the business process occurring in the daily work of a given team or department. In addition, at this training stage, we develop standards for working with the newly learned tools and teach the best practices in the implementation, management and maintenance of the discussed technologies.

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Details of the training:

The aim of the training is a practical transfer of knowledge of Microsoft Power BI.

The training is mainly intended for Power BI report developers. It provides the knowledge necessary for creating reports and manager cockpits.

Sessions are conducted by trainers with many years of practical project knowledge.

PLN 24,717 net for 5 days of knowledge transfer. We suggest 10 as the maximum number of participants. The training is closed – we dedicate it to one organisation.

The whole knowledge transfer takes 5 working days. We divide the training into modules: basic training, advanced training and post-training support. Before the workshop, the participants – depending on their knowledge level – can determine the duration of each module.

We will adjust the training date to your calendar. Suggest a convenient date.

We conduct training courses remotely on Microsoft Teams.

We can also organise a training course on the premises of APN Promise or in the client’s office. Ask us about the options.


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    Microsoft – Power BI Dashboard In a Day (DIAD)

    We also invite you to learn more about Power BI during free training courses organised by Microsoft – Power BI Dashboard In A Day (DIAD).

    Our trainers also provide this type of training. DIADs are very popular and places sell out in no time, so if you would like to attend this type of training, contact us for information on available dates and enrolment opportunities. Additional information about DIAD can be found here: Dashboard in a Day.

    You haven’t found the training appropriate for your organisation?

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