// APN Meeting Room

Conference room booking system

Three options of booking meeting rooms:

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Meeting Room

Touch panel

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

// Easy booking

Good meeting starts with APN Meeting Room

System rezerwacji sal konferencyjnych
// Meetng room

Benefits for your company and your employees

Rooms booking from any device

Book an appointment in Outlook from your computer, tablet or mobile phone, or make a Quick Reservation on the room screen.

Transparent information about conference rooms availability

Easy color coding helps to see if the room is free.

Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange synchronization

Information about the reservation appears immediately in the room calendar, and on the room screen and on the main screen before the meeting.

Additional screen

Use the reception monitor to present information about meetings taking place on a given floor or throughout the building.

Raising the prestige and modern image of the company

The conference room booking system will raise the prestige of your organization by presenting it as a modern technologies user.

Room utilization report

A dedicated Power BI report will answer the questions to what extent individual rooms are used, which rooms are most often booked and many more.

// Implementation

How to implement APN Meeting Room
in your company?

App presentation

Contact us to see the solution live.

Online or on-premises

It does not matter if you use Exchange on-premises or online – APN Meeting Room works with both

Windows Server and Azure

Implementation on Windows Server or Microsoft Azure

Exchange 2010 +

Integration with the Microsoft Exchange system from version 2010 onwards

// Testimonials

What do customers say about our application?

200 employees organization
2 floors, 7 rooms, various sizes
"With APN Meeting Room, booking rooms is intuitive and very convenient. Such a simple operation as organizing a meeting room often caused various problems: duplicate reservations, prolonged earlier meetings, unused rooms despite booking, the need to rent the room outside while ours was empty ... "
Office Manager
Customes, 10 rooms, Poland
"APN Meeting Room saved us from the need to rent additional conference rooms, and our employees no longer complain about the lack of them."