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With digital transformation, you will bring your company to a new level.

If your organisation has grown rapidly over the last few years, but has not implemented adequate improvements in communication, this may lead to a situation where collaboration is greatly hindered and limited to basic tools created years ago. The pandemic only reinforces such problems. Modern collaboration tools – generally referred to as the modern working environment – eliminate these problems.

For this reason, together with APN Promise, your organisation can smoothly go through the implementation, migration and training process to smoothly provide users with required services.

Nowoczesne środowisko pracy

Our offer is directed at organisations that have observed difficulties in internal communication. They are facing the choice of new communication solutions. They need support with internal business processes. Using our digital transformation service for organisations will bring your company to a new level and provide numerous business benefits visible in your daily work. They include:

Microsoft 365 – How will it help you with digital transformation?

APN Promise offers an end-to-end service in the area of consulting and support in digital transformation and implementation of the Microsoft 365 modern working environment. The service involves support for the process of adapting the solution to the organisation and training users on how to use the new features and tools effectively. It is very important to examine the business needs and prepare solutions for users together.

Digital transformation means adaptation of a new ecosystem e.g. Microsoft 365 or Apple to an organisation. With new tools and elements, current processes can be improved or simplified.

Users of the new platform receive dedicated business applications which simplify their routine tasks.

The launch of new tools in an organisation involves the introduction of a new working model, which should be supported by clear communication and support for users.

Presentation of the package’s features, development of scenarios for use in the organisation together with the customer and preparation of an implementation plan.
Includes adjustment of the solution to the user group, review of business processes, and preparation of training materials.
Provision of training and distribution of user materials.
Supporting users in the digital transformation of the organisation.
Preparation of new solutions and applications to support the organisation’s processes.

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