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Database migration to
the Microsoft Azure cloud

We address ourcdatabase migration service to the Microsoft Azure cloud to those interested in setting up a modern and secure environment in the computational cloud model, as an infrastructure, as a service or platform as a service solution.

You need this service in your organisation if you are facing the following challenges:

  • The solution you are currently using is past the manufacturer’s support period and needs to be replaced or significantly upgraded.
  • The purchase of new licences involves an investment and your organisation wants to switch to a model of modern billing according to actual usage.
  • The current solution has not kept pace with the changing business environment and emerging user needs.
  • Your business is characterised by dynamics that creates fluctuations in demand for computing resources, and for most of the time you do not want to maintain large reserves or invest in new infrastructure.
  • Your organisation operates globally or has plans to do so, so you need to ensure the necessary performance, quality, security and compliance.
Microsoft Azure migracja baz danych
Hurtowania Danych Azure

You can expect the following benefits from database migration:

  • Streamlining database administration and focusing the IT team on business services instead of maintenance of the system infrastructure.
  • Solving performance, scalability and availability problems.
  • Avoiding excessive investment in infrastructure and licences.
  • Increasing protection against external and internal factors causing data loss.
  • Ensuring system development capability.
  • Reduction of implementation risk – migration is based on best practices and the manufacturer’s standards.
  • Cooperation with APN Promise is a guarantee that the project will be completed successfully.

What makes us unique?

As a Microsoft Partner with the highest competencies and advanced specialisations, we can obtain Microsoft investment funds to finance innovative cloud projects. The members of the APN team possess the required competencies and experience in similar projects. Their confirmation is their “Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure” advanced specialisation, granted by Microsoft

What do we perform during implementation?

We perform database migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud in accordance with the Cloud Adoption Framework approach, Azure Well Architected Review, and best practices. The service is delivered by a dedicated team with many years of practical experience. During the migration, our experts can optionally perform database tuning to further improve the solution. Within the project, we carry out the following works:

  • transfer of basic knowledge on the AZURE cloud (6 h workshop)
  • preparation of a concept of roles and responsibilities in the process of database administration in the cloud
  • preparation and presentation of proposals for training paths for each role
  • selection of a method of licensing and cost optimisation
  • transfer of good practice
  • Analysis of the state of the environment
  • Analysis of migration options for individual services (IAAS vs. PAAS)
  • Preparation of the environment
  • Preparation of migration scripts and rollback procedure
  • Defining database tuning parameters, preparing of tuning scripts (optional)
  • Preparation of an analysis document
  • Preparing and launching the Azure network configuration
  • Preparing and launching the required services on the Azure platform
  • Preparing installation and configuration documentation
  • Execution of migration scripts and test migration
  • Execution of tuning scripts (optional)
  • Performance tests (optional)
  • Rollback procedure tests
  • Preparation of test migration documentation
  • Implementation of the migration procedure
  • Testing the solution in the new environment
  • Switching the production base
  • Preparing production documentation
  • Development roadmap
  • Post-migration support – 8 hours a day for 30 days after the production migration
  • 16 h of knowledge transfer on the new cloud environment for administrators and users

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