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A well-designed intranet portal improves communication and collaboration within the organisation, provides employees with easy access to key information and documents and supports the organisational culture. It does not have to be costly or time-consuming to implement. Based on our experience, we have prepared a ready-to-use solution that meets the vast majority of requirements for an intranet today.

Modern design and intuitive use

If you want your intranet to be frequently visited by employees, you should take care not only of the quality and updates of the information it contains, but also its form. When designing our solution’s appearance, we put a lot of effort into making the user interface modern, easy to read and intuitive.

Short implementation time

Our solution contains a number of ready-to-use components. As a result, implementation time is calculated in hours or days rather than months.

Your own logo, colours and font

At the implementation stage, we match the colours used in the solution to your company colours, and add your logo and font.

Continuous development and an option to expand the solution

We regularly expand APN Intranet adding new components and options to already existing ones. If necessary, we also implement dedicated modules which extend the capabilities of the solution.

Implementation in the cloud or on your own server

Our solution can be installed on SharePoint Online (part of the Office 365 suite) or on a SharePoint 2016/2019 server.

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Take a look at the quick overview of APN Intranet functionalities

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Modules and functionalities

News and articles

Each article or news item can be described with tags. Editors can use a convenient editor to create and edit content, format text, and embed tables, images and videos without needing to know the principles of web development. A comment section and “Like” function can be added to articles.

Targeting content

Usually, articles, documents and other information are targeted at all users of the portal. However, it is also possible to specify a target group for chosen content.

Document repository

APN Intranet provides a repository for storing all necessary documents. A built-in search engine makes it possible to find a document based on its name or content. It is possible to view documents in the portal without downloading Office or PDFs. Using authorisation, we can allow only a specific group of users to access selected folders and documents.

Contacts and organisational structure

The contacts and organisational structure modules allow you to quickly find information about an employee and their position in the organisational structure. Information about users comes from Active Directory or Azure Active Directory (for Office 365) and is synchronised automatically.


Presents a list of company events in the form of a calendar in day, week or month view. Employees can quickly add selected events to their own Outlook calendar.


Urgent notifications (e.g. about breakdowns, important changes) can be presented as a highlighted message on the homepage.

Department pages

APN Intranet allows you to create any number of departmental and thematic pages. Such pages share the general appearance, menu and the footer with the homepage, but may have an independent set and layout of components.

Company applications/ links

Every organisation uses a number of applications and systems on a daily basis. This module allows employees to quickly find the application they need based on its name or description. Chosen applications/links can be added by the user to the Favourites section.


A module for collecting and viewing photo galleries of company and external events.


Ready-to-use and dynamic reports concerning portal use (user activity, popular modules and components) are available to the editors.

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