IT Asset Management Services

IT asset management requires an increasing amount of time, funds and resources from organisations.

The definition of IT asset management is getting broader, which makes business decisions dependent on market trends, technological changes and licensing models.

Based on our understanding of this area and our competencies, we offer a number of services, products and cooperation proposals, which are designed to facilitate our customers’ access to information and data, provide final products in the shortest time possible, and thus support optimal business decisions in the area of IT asset management.

Usługi IT Asset Management (ITAM)
Software Asset Manager as a Service

The offer combines consultancy and a proposal for the implementation of a SAM-class tool that supports the processes of controlling IT resources through ongoing inventory and repository functions.

Our offer is addressed to persons who are responsible for all decisions relating to the management of IT resources: technical, concerning licensing compliance, security or financial.

Choose products from our offer and adapt them to your current and future business needs. Contact us and see how you can proactively influence your organisation by providing expertise and supporting business decisions in the field of IT asset management (ITAM).

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ITAM/SAM as a Service and consulting
ITAM / SAM as a Service fulfills obligations defined by the role of the ITAM Manager in client's organization.

The competencies and tasks of our dedicated ITAM consultants mainly include the following areas:

  • Analysis of the current hardware and server infrastructure and licensing rights
    • Determining the current status of IT resources, including software licences (baseline), which makes it possible to measure the effects of work, in order to plan optimisation and savings
    • Verification of licence rights
    • Verification of existing licence agreements
  • Building a hardware and software data repository (APN SAMit licence in the service/contract period) Find out more >
  • Development, implementation and coordination of a hardware and software asset management strategy, including contracts and IT documentation
  • Centralisation and modelling of IT/Software Asset Management processes and areas
  • Development of policies and procedures for these areas
  • Coordination of cooperation between teams supporting IT asset management
  • Support of the purchasing process and negotiations with suppliers in the area of software licences
  • Education – internal training courses for teams involved and interested in IT assets See our training courses >
  • Development of a short- and long-term strategy in the ITAM/SAM area
  • Providing necessary consultations concerning IT asset management in the client’s organisation

Our clients adapt the service and build it up according to their current business needs.

Methodology used in the implementation of the ITAM/SAM Team’s project work:

  • ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 SAM Processes
  • ITIL
  • IAITAM Best Practice
  • Know-how based on knowledge and experience from the implementation of other ITAM/SAM projects

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Building ITAM processes
You will receive support in building complex ITAM processes, creating policies and procedures for the most important areas in your organization.

Building ITAM processes in areas that are important to you, and creating policies and procedures related to them, is an important part of automating the changes you implement and maintaining consistency in achieving your IT goals.

Transparent policies and the rationale of their implementation are the key to success in the real-time availability of data on your IT assets. For managers responsible for this area, this is the basis for further critical business decisions connected to technological change processes and digital transformation.

We support our customers in building processes in the areas of:

  • Software licence management
  • Hardware management
  • Software and IT hardware lifecycle management
  • Hardware and software standardisation
  • Repository building (centralisation of IT asset data)
  • IT contract management
  • Change management

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Dedicated training (online or in class regardless of the number of participants). Expand your knowledge of the current market trends.

Training courses are one of the main sources of knowledge about market trends. Our consultants use their knowledge and experience gained while running ITAM projects and consultations in this area.

What characterises our training courses and what our clients value:

  • Training courses always have a closed format (only one client, regardless of the number of participants)
  • During the training, we suggest, consult and advise
  • We use examples based on our consulting experience, which makes the information we provide more realistic
  • We provide training materials in the form of presentations
  • If clients send us descriptions of the licensing issues and complexities that bother them before the training session, we discuss these issues during the session and together look for the most advantageous ITAM solutions

Check out our current offer: See our training courses >

Licensing Compatibility Review
Take advantage of an external advanced licensing compliance review by our specialists.

Licence compliance reviews, carried out with the help of external consultants, are intended – among other things – to confirm the effectiveness of the IT asset management processes of the organisation by assessing the level of compliance with relevant licence agreements.

Reviews carried out on behalf of clients also serve the purpose of minimising legal and business risks, which continue to increase as the technology market develops.

During the course of a project, we also assess the level of implementation of software asset management (SAM) processes in the client’s organisation. The report is a valuable source of information for planning the development of software licence management and further business decisions in the area of IT.

The assessment is based on the model contained in the ISO 19770-1 standard.

We have created APN SAMit for companies that want to effectively manage their IT resources and efficiently plan related expenses.